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Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates are a bundle of 5 graduate courses (15-17 credits) that provide concentrated study in a public health area. 

  • Graduate Certificates are a way to try out the distance learning programs before committing to a full degree. 
  • For those currently enrolled in a degree program, Graduate Certificates are a way to obtain additional certification in an area.
Standalone Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate programs are designed for those who seek a graduate level study concentrated in a specialty area. A standalone certificate is used to show study in an area, but may not need a full master’s degree. Students with a prior master’s degree may seek additional study through a Graduate Certificate.

Graduate Certificates generally require 5 graduate courses (15-17 credits) in a concentrated field of study. Graduate Certificate courses carry graduate level credits that are transferrable or may be used toward a master’s degree.

If the student in a Graduate Certificate program decides to enter a different master’s programs, the credits may be applied as electives to the other degree. Required courses cannot be double counted toward both programs.

Graduate Certificate Combined with a Master's Degree

Graduate Certificates may be combined with a master’s degree for a second area of study (equivalent to a minor). Graduate Certificates have a set of prescribed courses that may apply as elective credits toward the master’s degree. Required courses cannot be double counted toward both programs.

If one of the required certificate courses is also required by the degree program, then another course in that area may be selected in consultation with the advisor. In many cases, an additional course or two may be needed to complete both the master’s degree and graduate certificate. Basic rule:  no double counting of credits when adding a certificate as a second area of study.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

1. Admission

  • Bachelors degree and three years of experience

2. Completion of 15-17 (as required by program) credits of graduate level courses as required for the Graduate Certificate with a GPA of 3.0. These graduate credits may be applied as electives toward the total credits for a master’s degree.

3. A student who enters a certificate program, may apply to and then enroll in a master’s degree program.

  • If the student proceeds in the same concentration, the credits may count as the requirements toward the master’s degree. Only the master’s degree is awarded.
  • If the student enrolls in a different master’s degree program, then the certificate courses may be applied as electives toward the degree.

4. A graduate certificate may be used as a second area of study (minor) in combination with their master’s degree.

  • Certificate courses may be used as electives within the master’s degree.
  • No course can be counted as a required course toward both the master’s degree and a different graduate certificate program.