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Academic advising supports your success in the distance learning programs. The distance learning programs use a two tiered advising system.

Program Advising

The Distance Learning program advisor assists in selecting and scheduling your courses to insure you take all of your program requirements. Kathy Carneiro, MPH is your advisor. 

Your program advisor is your constant link to campus and a primary resource for important program information. Keep in regular contact with your program advisor. If any issues arise in a course or any other problems (health, work, personal) occur, which may interfere with your course work, contact her immediately. We can help with problems as they arise during the semester, but they are very difficult to handle towards or after the end of a semester, once the course is coming to a close. The sooner issues are raised, the more likely it is that the matter can be resolved in a satisfactory manner, with minimal difficulty to all involved.

Faculty Advising

A faculty advisor in your program will be assigned when you are ready to complete your Culminating Experience/PHA and practicum.  The faculty advisor is an expert in the fields and will guide you in conducting your PHA and completing your practicum. The program advisor will work to assign your faculty advisor based on your program of study and your topic of choice for your PHA and practicum, working to align faculty expertise and experience with your selected topic.

Feel free to contact your faculty instructor or other distance learning faculty with questions regarding your courses or for professional advice.

Need help on non-academic issues

For questions regarding non-academic issues:

All type of questions

Erica Geary, 

Technical questions and help

Dominick Williams,

Billing and financial information

Robert Barrera,