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Explore DL at Tulane

Professional Education via Distance Learning

The distance learning program are geared for busy working professionals in the industrial hygiene, health and safety and disaster management fields. 

Same high quality education as our traditional on-campus student but in a distance learning format. 

Distance learning offers the strategic advantage in to maintain your full-time employment while earning the MPH or MSPH at a top university. Earn a master’s  degree from home, office or while on travel or deployed overseas. 

A Tulane degree or graduate certificate increases career options and opportunities for advancement. 

Explore DL

Selecting the right program for you - Learn about Tulane’s excellent academic offerings and how easy it is to use the distance learning technology. Get to know us – you will like what you see!

1. Investigate the program that fits with our career path.

Quality academic programs are our first priority.

2. Explore the distance learning virtual classroom.

Real-time (Synchronous) classes powered by Adobe Connect.

3. Schedule a one-on one session with a distance learning advisor.

Contact, Erica B. Geary:

4. Attend a webcast about the program.

5. Communicate with one of our alumni – hear their experiences first hand.

“The program has been great for me in terms of time. I was able to work it around my schedule – my work life, my home life, my professional and personal travel and people were really accommodating.”

Louise Caicco-Tett (MPH in Occupational & Environmental Health Graduate)

6. Make your decision carefully. 

We are here to help you understand the programs and our supportive approach to distance learning.

What makes SPHTM distance learning special?

Top rated online programs

#1 online MPH program in a top ranked School of Public Health (Tulane is #12) in a prestigious university.

High quality academic programs

The master’s degrees and graduate certificates are the same high quality academic programs offered on-campus in New Orleans. The programs are robust and prepare you for careers. Earn a degree from the comfort of home and without taking time off from your job.

Virtual Campus

The distance learning programs use a virtual classroom platform with real-time classes. This is not a self-study program. The virtual classroom holds weekly classes that mimic a traditional classroom. You interact with the instructor and classmates during class. Students are more likely to complete their degrees when you engage with peers and the instructor paces your work. Recorded classes are available for later review and accommodate travel or other conflicts.

Canvas is Tulane’s course management system which provides a dashboard for each class to find assignments, submit work and obtain grades.

Great Instructors

The instructors bring years of practical experience to your classes. The curriculum is build on a strong foundation of theory and methods and instructors provide practical applications and the context to develop real-world skills.

Tech support

You are not on your own! 

DL Tech help you with the DL technology (very easy to use) and with other technical problems you may have. These guys are great. Students cite the tech support as one of the great assets of the Tulane SPHTM programs.

Support and Advising

The DL staff is available during regular office hours (8:30am – 5:00pm CST) to answer questions, advise you on your course selection and scheduling and help with other administrative items.

Access to a top university library

Online journals and other resources. This is a hidden value of being a Tulane student. These are resources your company would have to pay to access from scientific journals.

What do other students say?

“This program is really good for mid-career individuals who are working full-time.”

Mitra Aminrazavi (MPH in Occupational & Environmental Health Graduate)

“The courses helped me in my job right away. Radiation safety was a plus. I now do noise and radiation surveys. Biostatistics helped me understand how to apply statistics to Industrial Hygiene. Toxicology and industrial hygiene courses let me write MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheet). The whole experience came together.”

John Ratliff (MSPH in Industrial Hygiene Graduate)

Is distance learning for me?

SPHTM Distance Learning Programs gives you the freedom to obtain a high quality graduate degree without leaving you job or home. There are advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. Determine if the distance learning program is right for you.

Do I have time to undertake a graduate study program?

  • Do I have time to attend online classes, complete assignments and study. For each hour of a class per week, plan for 3 hours of study per week. 

The SPHTM distance learning programs are geared toward working professionals, but you need to have time to do the work in a rigorous program. The program tries to provide for flexibility, but the work must be completed within a semester. 

Am I self-motivated? Can I work independently and study on my own?

  • Can I prioritize work without direct supervision?
  • Am I motivated to start and finish assignments on time?

As with all graduate programs, you must be motivated and be able to work on your own. The SPHTM distance learning programs use the synchronous virtual classroom that helps pace your study through the semester.  

Can I understand and follow written directions?

Distance Learning Programs provide written directions and information to help you through the course. But you have to take charge of your learning and read the information provided.

Canvas is the place to find information for each course with materials, assignments and directions. Canvas also has announcements and other information to guide you through a course. Information on the program administration, academic standards technology and timelines are provided on the website. You are expected to read these. If you have questions, DLDirect and DL info are always available to provide answers. Ask them.

Do I have basic technical skills?

Do I have a computer and a quiet space for studying? Do I have internet connections at home or in my office? Can I send and receive e-mail? Can I attach files to e-mail? Can I upload and download files?

Can I tolerate times when tech problem occurs?

SPHTM Distance Learning program uses very reliable technology, however, problems can occur both within the university and in the internet. When a technical issue arises, DL tech works to get it fixed – even if it is on your end.

Tips for success in a distance learning course

Don’t skip a distance learning course.

The learning sessions provide much information and are a time to ask questions of the instructor and network with your classmates.

Participate in classes and discussions.

Contribute to class discussions and listen to others. The real-time classes promote interactivity and exchange of ideas. Not only is this a learning experience, but also a great networking opportunity.

Network with your classmates.

The virtual classroom lets you “meet” your instructor and classmates. Participate in discussions. Utilize team work and group assignments to build professional networks beyond your workplace. Students find networking an invaluable benefit.

Communicate with your instructor and DL advisor regularly.

Let the instructor know if you have a problem in attending a class, submitting an assignment or other problems. We can work with you to overcome the problem. We cannot do much after a semester is over and the grades are submitted.

Don’t procrastinate.

You must complete the course assignments and assignments within a semester. Don’t put it off until the last minute.